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October 20th, 7:00pm EST


The Turtles of Skerryvore Community Road

Roads are known to have significant effects on the landscapes and habitats they bisect. Many studies throughout Ontario have shown the negative impacts of roads on reptile populations through direct mortality, habitat loss, and habitat fragmentation. With this in mind, the Maamwi Anjiakiziwin project began working on Skerryvore Community Road in the Township of The Archipelago, testing a new approach for partnership and roadwork activities. This presentation will highlight the partnership, knowledge gathering and sharing, and how used this approach benefited nesting turtles during routine road maintenance to create ecological, cultural, educational, and financial benefits.

November 17th, 7:00pm EST


Wildfire on Georgian Bay: Parry Sound 33

In the summer of 2018, the Parry Sound 33 wildfire burned over 11,000 hectares of the Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) rock barrens and wetlands landscape. The GBB is a known ‘hot-spot’ for both at-risk reptiles and soil carbon-rich peatland ecosystems. Given that wildfire frequency and severity are predicted to increase due to climate change it is likely that the risk of wildfire impacts to the landscape will increase over the next few decades.

Join Dr. Mike Waddington in this presentation to understand the potential impacts fire has on the landscape and what research the McMaster Ecohydrology Lab is doing to examine the at-risk reptile habitat, the carbon loss from organic soil combustion and the altered hydrology from the potential loss of soil on the landscape.

Note, this presentation will not be recorded. 

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